South Texas Mobile Wash...

Your veteran owned, onsite, car wash and detailing services.

We started with a simple idea.

Everyone is busy. Who has time to spend an hour at the car wash when there’s more productive things you could be doing – spending time with the family, fishing, exercising, or just being lazy resting.

We work while you work – no more special trips to the car wash.

The Environment is Important to Us Too

We care about the environment. We use environmentally friendly products and are certified to prevent runoff into storm drains and gutters, thus ensuring whatever we bring with us, leaves with us.

Our Mission

Our reputation is our future.  You get a high quality car wash or detail without the wait and hassle.

  • Full detailing service.
  • Interior carpet cleaning and stain removal.
  • Bug & tar removal.
  • Tire & rim detailing.
  • Headlight restoration.
  • Wiper blade replacement.

What to Learn More?

If you have further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!  Click here to contact us.

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